SIDLY One Telecare System

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SiDLY telecare system is dedicated to people who live independly and are aged over 65 years , people with health risks, people with complex needs, people with dementia. The system consists of: a wrist band which is a medical device, IT platform and a mobile application (Android , iOS). 


It is based on GSM technology, making it very easy to install and use daily. The GPS location function allows the user to move around freely and still have comfort knowing that the caregiver can easily track the user if he or she needs help. The SOS button immediately sends alerts to the system and calls to the declared ICE number (in the event of an accident). SiDLY system supports people at risk of falling or with early dementia to continue to remain active by managing risks associated. Thanks to the use of the system and remote patient monitoring, user gains a sense of independence and security. Telecare makes it possible for people to remain in their own homes for longer


SIDLY One Telecare System is a medical device, with functionalities;

  • Battery Level Sensor
  • Fall Detector 
  • GPS & aGPS localisation of the user
  • SOS button 
  • Two-Way Communication
  • Possibility to ring to the Band
  • Voice Notification
  • Band’s Removal Sensor
  • Medication Reminder 
  • Battery level monitoring

12 Month Subscription for the SIM Card & IT Platform, application is included in the price. 


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