THERMOFOCUS mod. 1500 - multi-use 6 in 1

THERMOFOCUS mod. 1500 - multi-use 6 in 1

Product code : 25571

Unit of sale : box of 1 pc. pcs.

Type : Medical device

Class : II A

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The most advanced thermometers in the world! Thermofocus read infrared radiations from the surface of the skin to calculate accurately the core body temperature. - Without touching: never in contact to avoid any risk of infection - Non invasive: do not require patient collaboration, advised for children - Accurate: a sophisticated microprocessor warrants high precision - Economic: no need of expensive probes - Few seconds: time for pointing and reading temperature - 1°C-55°C: for measurement of wide range of objects - body temperature scan: can be done quickly For doctors: For the family or the private doctor who require maximum accuracy and flexibility of the temperature taking. Same as 25570 with an additional button ("home") to read the ambient temperature and the skin temperature (professional use), as well as the temperature of objects and liquids within a range from 1 to 55 °C (33.8 to 131 °F). Provided with the exclusive Manual Quick Calibration System (MQCS) technology through which you can always perfectly stabilize the thermometer to the ambient temperature.


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