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VisioFocus® PRO is the most advanced thermometer to precisely measure body temperature. Totally hygienic, without touching the skin,VisioFocus® reads infrared radiation naturally emitted by the surface of the skin and calculates the whole body temperature. Nurs and Doct functions for pandemic situations: allow to take temperature of up to 1,000 travellers per hour. Nurs has obliged MQCS every 30 minutes, Doct has automatic AQCS. High accurate “non contact” thermometer that projects the temperature on the forehead. Click here to download Quick guide. Advantages of VisioFocus® PRO: - exclusive patented aiming system guarantees correct point and distance - projection of the temperature on the forehead - face button automatically adjusts forehead temperature to the environment (room) temperature for accurate result - exclusive and patented AQCS and MQCS systems to maintain correct and constant temperature of device during long periods of use or when moving between rooms with different temperatures - clinically tested - totally Hygienic for patients and users: no touch & no disposables - no laser: absolutely safe for travellers and users no arm if the person eyes are open while measurement is taken - CE - instantaneous: gives temperature in less than 1 second - low using cost thanks to the long battery life and speed of measurement that allows to reduce the number of thermometers and of operators necessary for a wide screening - Made in Italy


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